Beyond Midnight: The new era of Beyond After Hours  

28th Mar 2023



Beyond After Hours has entered a new era! The legendary LGBQT+ club has extended it hours and its venue into 4 rooms! Here's what happened on launch night!

Fire Club London hosted an amazing launch event of our new weekly club night, Beyond Midnight on Saturday the 25th of March with 12 hours of partying. It was a night of music, dance and fun, offering a safe and inclusive space for the LGBT+ community to come together and celebrate. With top DJs spinning tracks ranging from house to circuit, and a range of unique experiences, it was a night to remember.



The Venue

Beyond Midnight was spread over four rooms and a large outdoor garden area. This spacious venue gave party-goers plenty of space to dance and enjoy themselves. The outdoor garden area was popular, with games, food, drinks and entertainment provided for those who needed a break from the dancing.

Beyond Midnight Venue

The Music

The music was the heart and soul of the night, with some of London's top DJs playing throughout the venue. Each room had its own unique vibe, allowing guests to explore and find their favourite sound. From vocal house music to circuit and everything in between, there was something for everyone.

The DJs who performed at the Beyond Midnight launch event were some of the biggest names in the London club scene. With a variety of styles and tastes there was something to suit everyone!

 A dj for the club 

Casa Latina Tribal House Room

One of the most popular rooms of the night was the Casa Latina Tribal House Room. The DJ's served the best circuit music there is to a eager room ready to dance with their fans! The room was packed and as the night went on, the crowd grew bigger and the energy in the room was electric!⚡️ It was clear that the Casa Latina Tribal House Room was a hit with the party-goers.

A club photograph with a fan and lights

The Performers

In addition to the amazing music, the Beyond Midnight launch event featured a variety of performers who put on a mesmerizing show. They included fire dancers, stilt walkers, and more. Their electrifying performances featured sparks and fire and had everyone buzzing with excitement.

fire performer on stage in a club

The Vice Play Area

Beyond Midnight also had a Vice play area where partygoers could explore a little darker side. This area provided a unique experience that was a hit with those who were looking for something different.

The Vice play area was a dark and moody space that offered guests the opportunity to let loose and indulge in their desires.

A image of 2 club hosts Beyond Midnight

The Garden

Guests could also enjoy an array of entertainment options in the garden. The most popular attraction was the 360 cam, allowing guests to capture amazing footage of themselves spinning around in a circle. Another hit was the penis rodeo, which provided guests with a unique and hilarious experience to watch or join in.

The garden was a vibrant and lively space where guests could take a break from the music and socialize with friends. There were plenty of seating areas where people could relax and chat, as well as a variety of activities to keep everyone entertained and street food available to reenergize for the dancefloor.

Image of drag hosts Beyond Midnight

The 360 Cam

The 360 cam was a popular attraction in the garden area. This camera captured amazing footage of guests spinning around in a circle giving a new view to everybody’s looks of the night! That was until somebody fell off and broke it 😣  

Image of person on 360 can Beyond Midnight

Don't Miss Out on the Next Beyond Midnight Event

Beyond Midnight is the place to be for a night of music, dancing, laughs and entertainment! The launch event was just the beginning, and there's so much more in store. Get ready for the ultimate night out and see you there!

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