11th May 2023

Beyond Midnight  London's Biggest LGBQ+ Venue – With special guest DJ Tommy Love


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London's biggest and longest LGBTQ+ night, Beyond Midnight, is bringing you an extra special night on Saturday the June 17th, with the announcement of special guest DJ, TOMMY LOVE!
The night will feature a multi-room experience with house, pop, circuit music, as well as an XXXL play zone and large outdoor area with entertainment, food and more!



Tommy Love


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Tommy Love is a Brazilian DJ and music producer known for his work in the electronic dance music (EDM) genre. He has been active in the music industry since the late 1990s and has gained popularity both in Brazil and internationally.

Tommy Love has released numerous original tracks and remixes over the years, and has collaborated with other well-known DJs and producers in the EDM scene. He is particularly known for his work in the progressive and tribal house subgenres, and his music often features catchy melodies and driving rhythms that are well-suited for the dance floor.

In addition to his work as a DJ and producer, Tommy Love has also performed at major music festivals around the world, and has won several awards for his contributions to the Brazilian music industry.


Check out his content here: 

Instagram - @djtommylove

Soundcloud - @djtommylove



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The Venue

Beyond Midnight is spread over multiple rooms with a large outdoor garden area. This spacious venue gives party-goers plenty of space to dance and enjoy themselves. The outdoor garden area is popular, with games, food, drinks and entertainment provided for those who need a break from the dancing.


The Music

The music is the heart and sould of Beyond Midnight with some of London’s top DJ’s playing throughout the venue. Each room has its own uniq vibe allowing guests to explore and their favourite sound. From voal hours to circuit and everything inbetween.


The Vice Play Area

Beyond Midnight also has a Vice play area where partygoers could explore a little darker side. This area provides a unique experience that is always a hit with those who were looking for something different.

The Vice play area is a dark and moody space that offers guests the opportunity to let loose and indulge in their desires.


Here are some more details about the event:

  • Date: Saturday, June 17th, 2023
  • Time: Midnight - Midday
  • Location: Fire Nightclub, Vauxhall, S Lambeth Rd, London SW8 1RT




Q: How much are tickets?

A: Prices range from £10 - £25 including early bird, general entry and Group tickets


Q: What is the dress code?

A: This is an inclusive event and we want you to be able to express who you are!

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: The age limit is 18+.

Q: Is there a cloakroom?

A: Yes, there is a cloakroom.

Q: How do I get in touch with Beyond Midnight?

A: You can get in touch with Beyond Midnight via the website, email, or social media.